Prague – the best party city

Why is Prague the best place to party? Well, Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and there are almost 10 % of all the citizens living there, which is one of the many reasons, why the city center of Prague has the highest density of clubs in the whole Europe! There is a wide range of clubs in Prague so you will find here everything you are looking for. The fact that fifty percent of the visitors are tourist contributes to the amazing and unique atmosphere. According to the statistics belongs Czech Republic to the TOP 10 countries in the world with the most beautiful women. Prague is also one of the cheapest cities in Europe! Most of the clubs are accessible without any cover charge and one beer in a pub costs approximately 1, 50 Euro.


Here you can look for the nearest clubs to your hotel.

What can you find here?

There is a list of the most visited, favorite and popular clubs on our website with all the important information you might be interested in. We would like to give you as much information and recommendation as possible so that you can enjoy your party above and beyond all expectation. You can search by a wide spectrum of categories and priorities which make your choice customized and perfectly suitable for you. Hopefully, you will be able to decide where to go tonight by finding all you need to know on our website.


nightlife in prague

How do you make the right choice?

The right choice depends on your expectations of the evening you want to spend in Prague. If you are looking for rather a quiet place, where you can talk with your friends without shouting over the music but still be able to go on a dance floor, we recommend searching in the social-clubs category. But if you prefer dancing, then you should definitely search in the dancing-clubs category to enjoy the crazy atmosphere of Prague on a dance floor. There is a whole range of criteria in the top navigation menu that will help you to find the club that fits you the most. But those are not all of them! Every single profile of the club contains up to 20 important information you may want to know before visiting.


What should you beware of?

Contrary to most of the world capitals, Prague is very safe compared to them and you don´t have to worry about wandering through the city center at 2 A.M. at all. Be careful, though, as there are plenty of drug dealers selling very poor or even fake stuff near the Wenceslas square. We recommend not to buy anything on the street (drugs, prostitutes, crowns for foreign currency) you will be either fooled or ripped off. There is a great number of promoters in the city center at night which offer you to go to different nightclubs . If you are not interested, don´t worry, you just have to refuse them and they let you go. The taxi drivers are actually the BIGGEST DANGER you should beware of. You will find more about the night traffic below. 

How can you travel at night?

The cheapest way how to travel is the Prague Public Transport . The last departure of a metro in the city center is at midnight, but after that ,you can still take night busses and by night trams. The intervals are even at night very short. You don´t have to be worried about your safety in the public transport as there is police in almost every single coach. The best App to plan your journey is called IDOS.


If you prefer to take a taxi instead, you should ALWAYS book the taxi via your phone. You can either call one of the verified companies (examples below) or just download an APP and order it there. If you try to take a taxi that is standing on the street, you will pay up to five times as much as the fair price is. 

Nejlevnejsi-taxi.cz: +420 226 000 226
Speedcars.cz: +420 224 234 234
Liftago.com: android app, iphone app

cheapest taxi in Prague

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